wilsons paint and body shop what we do?

wilsons paint and body shop what we do?

Paint and Body shop repairs can be a minefield. while one shop might quote you £500 another might quote £1500. so how do you know who’s the best and realise that the cheapest is not always the better option

Dougie Wilson at Wilsons paint and body shop knows a thing or two about vehicle repairs, he’s been in the trade for nearly 40 years. Anyway here is some tips when choosing where to get the best repairs at the best value for money.

1) Speak to people in the area.

Get recommendations from garages in the local area, not the ones doing repairs themselves. where do they send customers and why? if you go to a quality garage and ask them where they recommend they will soon let you know where to steer clear of. Not to many mechanics will send to a paint and body shop that has a reputation for being naff. They won’t put themselves on the line in case you need another repair that they could help you with.

Ask family , friends and neighbours again they will have heard if dodgy Dave up the road is any good or not.


2) Consider the location and overheads of the businesscenter-of-the-year

People can get screwed in this business by paint and body shop’s who have the big fancy office and are situated in a wealthy area. Big fancy body shops with a lot of front-office workers will have to charge much higher rates just to pay their staff. Of Course some people like the feeling of confidence you get from  Salesman and managers but your estimate just went up £20 per hour.



3) Ask the Right Questions

When picking the right paint and body shop, “you don’t need to go in with your little notebook,” Dougie explains. “But for sure you  need to go in and be a little cunning,” and make sure you ask the right questions. Do you provide a written Guarantee? And if so, for how long? What does the guarantee cover?

Another key question is whether the shop carries fire and theft insurance. What happens if the place goes up in flames or your vehicle is stolen . Do you have Insurance?

There is a lot of flammables in a paint and body shop!

4) Follow Your Gut
Finally trust your instinct is the place busy? Do they have plenty of work? Does the guy know what the hell he’s talking about? Does he give you a feeling of confidence if not walk away. there are plenty of high quality fairly priced Body Shop’s out there.

Wilsons Paint and Body shop in Dunshalt are a licence Body shop and repair centre offering high quality restoration and vehicle wrapping, They are fully insured and experienced in all aspects of vehicle repair